´´Capitalidad´ Square and River Suquía Interpretation Center´

National competition of preliminary design for public space · Córdoba,Argentina

RedIALA · 2008


Intersection stream "La Cañada" and Rio Suquía

The proposal recovers the natural corner of the city's riverfront. Not only the mostrepresentative, if not almost the only one that still has our collective memory.Supported by the hydraulic work of systematization of the stream, the projectproposes to transform the remaining space, the forced road junction in a new public space where the river returns to meet the new streetscape downtown Cordoba

The proposal is described from three strategies:

1. Recovery of historical memory of the site over the reassessment of the infrastr.heritage value
2. Regeneration of Public Esp use with the creation of the garden ofthe gals and urban river edge promenade
3. A New Look. The meeting of the City with her riverbed
.... An opportunity to meet people